Privacy Notice

Last Update: Aug 11, 2023

  • We only use two "session" cookies.
  • These cookies are used to identify you with your created user account.

Stored Data
  • We store username, ID, avatar, banner and accent color from your Discord account.
  • We store information about which server and which channel a render request came from.
  • We store the uploaded demo file and its metadata for each requested video.
  • Our Third Party render clients temporarily store uploaded demos and rendered videos.
  • We store any video you rendered on Backblaze, see Third Party section.
  • Video deletion can take up to 14 days as they are held up for manual review.
  • We log and store information such as your IP and your used browser user agent for 30 days.
  • These logs are needed to protect and improve our service.

Third Party
  • Our render clients are responsible to convert your demo file into a video.
  • Videos are then uploaded and stored on "Backblaze" (
  • Feel free to also read the Privacy Notice of Backblaze at: